Monthly Archives: January 2019

olive 10 months

our little olive is 10 months old! here are all the wonderful things she has been doing in the past month:

  • she still only has two teeth! i can’t believe that she doesn’t have more haha
  • she isn’t really sleeping through the night anymore… i think a cold might have kicked her back in the habit of waking
  • she loves to climb the stairs and is getting really good at going down the stairs backwards. she will get to the edge of the stairs (supervised) and we will say, “how do big girls go down the stairs?” and she turns around and goes down on her belly. pretty cute, and i feel like waaay earlier than my two oldest.
  • she waves bye bye, her little hand just goes up and down it’s adorable
  • she loves to clap and loves when we clap along with her
  • she is becoming more vocal but in the form of screaming rather than babbling. she hasn’t been saying mama at all lately… come on little girl!
  • she loves to eat and is learning how to drink out of a sippy cup… why do my kids have the hardest time with this?
  • her favorite food right now is strawberries
  • i have got her to stand by herself for a few short seconds, but i don’t see any signs of her being an early walker like our poppy girl
  • she is an independent player but also loves to just watch bastian and poppy be totally crazy
  • she loves the bath and thinks she is so funny when she splashes in the water

i find myself holding her a little longer at night before bed, and soaking up all those sweet baby snuggles. i know it won’t be long before she is not a baby and would rather me put her down than snuggle. although i love to watch my kids grow up and see their personalities and curiosities come to life, i still can’t help but want them to be babies forever (minus the sleepless nights :)). olive i will soak up these last couple months before you turn one.

olive 9 months

our sweet little olive is 9 months old (on the 19th… i blame christmas and new years for me totally procrastinating). she is so much fun and a little bit of trouble all wrapped into one cute little package. here are the wonderful things olive has been doing:

  • she claps her hands and is pretty proud of herself when she does it
  • she has 2 teeth! these guys popped out last month but i forgot to mention it. there are no other teeth in sight… just two little bottom teeth
  • she makes a scrunchy face smile and those 2 bottom teeth pop out, it’s the cutest
  • she loves the stairs and standing up with anything she can
  • she got an activity walker from santa and she likes to walk behind it
  • she has said “mama” but it’s not consistant
  • she has been sleeping through the night which is great!
  • she loves solid food now and loves to feed herself
  • her favorite food is strawberries and meat, but she pretty much eats everything we give to her
  • she hates to get dressed or have her diaper changed
  • she likes baths with poppy and thinks splashing is so much fun

everyone in the family can’t get enough of olive. bastian and poppy are constantly kissing and hugging her. there is no shortage of love to go around for that little muffin. i can’t believe in less than 3 short months i will have a 1 year old. so. so. sad 😦