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best buds


this little guy got to spend some time with his good buddies this week. they got to go to the park and have a little indoor picnic. bastian showed off by going down the really big slide all on his own. he nearly flew off the bottom too. (why are some of those slides so slippery?) basitan also got to go visit his dad’s cousin at the fire station.¬†grandma took him and said he had a blast and even got to “drive” the fire engine.

toddler life can be tiring too, and sometimes you fall asleep sitting up. i can’t believe he is going to be two in a month. i feel like year 1-2 went so quick! i am sure they will just continue to get quicker and quicker. although i hate to see my baby fade away, i love how much he is learning, growing and discovering every day. he is turning into a little boy who i love to pieces.

i sometimes look at him and think to myself ‘there is no way he could be any cuter’ and ‘how many time can i kiss him on the mouth to satisfy my heart bursting love for him? he’s a great little dude.


life lately

it has been a long time blog. sorry ūüė¶ anyways, i thought i would dump some photos of life lately, mostly of bastian.


i want to squeeze him. this day he didn’t think he needed to take a nap, then around 6 he fell asleep on the couch. i had to snap a couple pics before i woke him up.


this little guy finally got a hair cut. like a ‘real’ haircut. you can see by the first photo that he needed it. the rat’s nest was no longer cute. he was such a good boy; although the first half of the cut had to be done with him standing on the ground¬†because he didn’t want to sit in the chair. i really love it. he looks like a little dude and you can see his cute little ears.


in the cold months… i literally run out of fun things to do at home. the pipe cleaners and pom pom balls entertained him for about 30 minutes, so it wasn’t a total bust haha. climbing in the mega blocks bin is fun and well, when you can fit, why not try. he is really loving the idea of sunglasses.


thank god for warm weather lately! everyone is just happier. bastian is a big big fan of balls. isn’t every kid? “bootballs” and “saawballs” are where it’s at! he dribbles the ball all over the yard and park. he winds up to throw the football and usually ends up doing a few spins before launching it. he has also figured out how to “smile with your teeth”. he has been cheesing it up ever since. our neighborhood park has the most perfect climbing tree, and bastian loves to climb it with help of daddy.


this kid loves our bed. he will run into our room and climb under the covers and just lay there with a smirk on his face. last night when we were attempting to put a clean diaper and pj’s on. he managed to get loose, pee on the floor TWICE,¬†climb into our bed butt naked with the covers up to his chin. we couldn’t help but laugh and¬†pinch his little butt cheeks.

guest post: diy story stones



i have another guest post over at for you all to check out! these story stones are the perfect tool to let your little one’s imagination run wild. check it out here.