Monthly Archives: October 2018

olive 7 months

this little pumpkin is 7 months old and is more precious than ever! gosh we just love her so much. here are all the wonderful things she has been doing the past month:

  • she is crawling all over the place and it’s pretty adorable to see her tiny little body explore all over the house. there are so many more toys for her to get into trouble with though…
  • she is pulling herself up onto things also. she doesn’t have good balance yet and seems to fall a lot, but most of the time i am there to catch her 😉 she stands up in her crib now also
  • she is starting to get separation anxiety, and get freaked out by people she isn’t used to
  • she is sleeping well enough. i feel like third time around i don’t really have many expectations of how and when she should be sleeping great
  • she’s still looks like a little baldy girl. she has hair, but not much and what she does is blonde so it’s hard to see.
  • she really loves to smile and does it pretty much any time you talk to her
  • she has started to fake cough, which is totally adorable
  • she likes food and is learning how to keep it her mouth 🙂

olive is just a little sweetheart and we can’t get enough of her. the kids love to go into her room in the morning when she wakes up. she loves them so much. she is such a joy to have in the family!