Monthly Archives: September 2018

olive 6 months

our sweet little olive is 6 months old and i sweat time keeps going faster and faster. she is such a happy little girl and here are all the wonderful things she does:

  • she is practicing sitting up but not a pro at it yet. when she is focused on something she stays up really well!
  • she is inch worming, or kind of crawling but more like a little inch worm. she gets up on all fours and then lunges her chest forward and she can get to what she wants
  • she makes a blubbering noise with her tongue and it’s so cute
  • she loves bath time and kicks like crazy
  • we gave her food for the first time a few days ago and she seems to like it! sweet potato not her favorite but carrots were a hit
  • she totally goes with the flow for the most part and just really loves watching the older kids play and dance
  • she will get on her hands and knees and then lean over to one side like a senior portrait pose, she can almost get herself to sitting
  • everything goes in the mouth and the drool is out of this world but no teeth yet!
  • she has the least hair out of all my kids haha, but it’s so fuzzy and i am pretty sure it’s going to be very blonde
  • she has a few chunks of hair that are really long (poppy had this too) haha but i can’t bring myself to cutting them… why?!
  • she is sleeping pretty good, wakes up once to nurse and then right back down (although last night it was twice… hmmm)
  • she is starting to get spooked by people, almost like stranger danger

olive is really such a happy baby and you just can’t be mad when you look at her. her smile is starting to get squishy face and her little dimple on her left cheek melts me. i want time to slow down so i can savor every last month of this baby’s first year.