olive 9 months

our sweet little olive is 9 months old (on the 19th… i blame christmas and new years for me totally procrastinating). she is so much fun and a little bit of trouble all wrapped into one cute little package. here are the wonderful things olive has been doing:

  • she claps her hands and is pretty proud of herself when she does it
  • she has 2 teeth! these guys popped out last month but i forgot to mention it. there are no other teeth in sight… just two little bottom teeth
  • she makes a scrunchy face smile and those 2 bottom teeth pop out, it’s the cutest
  • she loves the stairs and standing up with anything she can
  • she got an activity walker from santa and she likes to walk behind it
  • she has said “mama” but it’s not consistant
  • she has been sleeping through the night which is great!
  • she loves solid food now and loves to feed herself
  • her favorite food is strawberries and meat, but she pretty much eats everything we give to her
  • she hates to get dressed or have her diaper changed
  • she likes baths with poppy and thinks splashing is so much fun

everyone in the family can’t get enough of olive. bastian and poppy are constantly kissing and hugging her. there is no shortage of love to go around for that little muffin. i can’t believe in less than 3 short months i will have a 1 year old. so. so. sad 😦


olive 8 months

our sweet little olive is 8 months (well this is a bit late… go figure). she is such a cutie and her smile makes us all sooo happy. here are the wonderful things olive has been doing the last month:

  • she likes to climb the stairs now… ugh
  • she smiles with her mouth open when she’s really happy and it just melts everyone that see her
  • she is cruising furniture, although the best at it yet
  • she really is enjoying food and had her first thanksgiving. she loved the mashed potatoes!
  • she is trying to learn how to feed herself, but most of the pieces of food don’t make it to her mouth. it’s adorable
  • she still wakes up once a night but has had nights where she wakes up at 6:30 and goes back to bed
  • she’s such a good baby and is always interested in going places with poppy and bastian
  • she’s not much of a talker and hasn’t really been babbling much

we are so lucky to have this precious little girl in our lives. the kids get so excited when she wakes up and always want to play, kiss and talk to her. she is very loved 🙂

olive 7 months

this little pumpkin is 7 months old and is more precious than ever! gosh we just love her so much. here are all the wonderful things she has been doing the past month:

  • she is crawling all over the place and it’s pretty adorable to see her tiny little body explore all over the house. there are so many more toys for her to get into trouble with though…
  • she is pulling herself up onto things also. she doesn’t have good balance yet and seems to fall a lot, but most of the time i am there to catch her 😉 she stands up in her crib now also
  • she is starting to get separation anxiety, and get freaked out by people she isn’t used to
  • she is sleeping well enough. i feel like third time around i don’t really have many expectations of how and when she should be sleeping great
  • she’s still looks like a little baldy girl. she has hair, but not much and what she does is blonde so it’s hard to see.
  • she really loves to smile and does it pretty much any time you talk to her
  • she has started to fake cough, which is totally adorable
  • she likes food and is learning how to keep it her mouth 🙂

olive is just a little sweetheart and we can’t get enough of her. the kids love to go into her room in the morning when she wakes up. she loves them so much. she is such a joy to have in the family!

olive 6 months

our sweet little olive is 6 months old and i sweat time keeps going faster and faster. she is such a happy little girl and here are all the wonderful things she does:

  • she is practicing sitting up but not a pro at it yet. when she is focused on something she stays up really well!
  • she is inch worming, or kind of crawling but more like a little inch worm. she gets up on all fours and then lunges her chest forward and she can get to what she wants
  • she makes a blubbering noise with her tongue and it’s so cute
  • she loves bath time and kicks like crazy
  • we gave her food for the first time a few days ago and she seems to like it! sweet potato not her favorite but carrots were a hit
  • she totally goes with the flow for the most part and just really loves watching the older kids play and dance
  • she will get on her hands and knees and then lean over to one side like a senior portrait pose, she can almost get herself to sitting
  • everything goes in the mouth and the drool is out of this world but no teeth yet!
  • she has the least hair out of all my kids haha, but it’s so fuzzy and i am pretty sure it’s going to be very blonde
  • she has a few chunks of hair that are really long (poppy had this too) haha but i can’t bring myself to cutting them… why?!
  • she is sleeping pretty good, wakes up once to nurse and then right back down (although last night it was twice… hmmm)
  • she is starting to get spooked by people, almost like stranger danger

olive is really such a happy baby and you just can’t be mad when you look at her. her smile is starting to get squishy face and her little dimple on her left cheek melts me. i want time to slow down so i can savor every last month of this baby’s first year.

olive 5 months

our littlest girl is 5 months old! i am a bit late to post this but she will forgive me 🙂

  • she is still the sweetest girl still and has the best temperment
  • olive is rolling all over and has started to plank… and now is on her hands and knees rocking back and forth… i am NOT ready for her to be mobile so she needs to slooooow down
  • olive had her first plane ride and did fabulous
  • she wakes up between 1-2 times a night to nurse but overall is a good sleeper
  • she sleeps in her crib now and actually really likes it!
  • she loves her sister and brother and loves to watch them dance and play
  • she loves to sit in her bouncer and play with toys
  • her favorite toys are anything that she can put in her mouth

olive is just a breath of fresh air. she is so happy and always gives you a smile when you look at her. you just can’t be in a bad mood when you are around her. i am so curious to see what kind of toddler she will be 🙂

olive 4 months old

our sweet little olive girl is 4 months old now. i want her to stay a baby forever but she is showing me that she wants to be a big girl! here are the amazing things olive is doing:

  • she rolls and rolls. she likes to roll over in her bassinet also and sleep on her tummy
  • she is soo smiley
  • she laughs (mostly for bastian)
  • she loves to watch her brother and sister be wild. she will push up on her tummy and then start kicking her feet in excitement
  • she is waking up between 1-2 times a night, not ideal but i can handle it for a little while 😉
  • she hasn’t been talking a ton, mostly smiling
  • she drools like crazy already. poppy was a monster drooler also
  • she sits in the bumbo chair and sometimes sits in the bouncer
  • she likes to hold things and put them in her mouth
  • she not as big as i thought she was! chubby but petite 🙂

i feel like olive can really do no wrong haha. she is so sweet and i just want to savor every moment with her while she is a tiny little baby.

olive 3 months old

our sweet olive girl is 3 months old! where has the time gone? i saw a newborn today and it almost made me cry 😭 well with a growing baby comes some awesomely cute things they do:

  • she has started to like tummy time!
  • she rolls from her tummy to her back (her big head might help with that)
  • she smiles a lot at her brother
  • she is still sleeping well, just waking up once to nurse
  • she is growing a little more peach fuzz on her head
  • she likes to talk now and it’s adorable! her squeals are so cute!
  • she loves her dad a lot; their favorite thing to do is rock on the porch
  • she has been swimming a couple of times and seems to like it!
  • she is a little chunky girl and i love her luscious dolly thighs
  • she is starting to resemble poppy a bit more but has a rounder face like bastian did (and man do i love kissing those chubby cheeks)

olive is truly a sweet girl and we are beyond excited to watch her grow and her little personality shine through.

olive 2 months old

our sweet olive girl is 2 months old! she didn’t like her shots but she still manages to be so sweet♥️

  • she weighs 10lbs 15oz
  • she sleeps great, with a bedtime around 8-8:30 and wakes once to nurse
  • she is smiling at us and it’s the cutest
  • she has the most adorable dimple when she smiles
  • she like bath time (although it probably doesn’t happen enough…)
  • she is so chill and goes with the flow of our crazy household
  • we sometimes forget she’s there!
  • she grabs at daddy’s beard
  • she doesn’t hate tummy time but she doesn’t give much effort to hold her head up haha (she’s chill)
  • i could kiss her about every minute
  • she loves to be worn
  • she sleeps in a bassinet now does it like a champ

we love this little girl so much and she couldn’t be a more perfect addition to our family. thank you olive for being the best baby ever and helping me keep my sanity with three kids!

olive – 1 month old

our sweet olive girl is 1 month today. i can’t believe it’s already been a month… tear! but she has made our family feel complete. here are all the wonderful things about olive thus far:

  • she’s a great nurser! my best nurser yet!
  • she is very relaxed most of the time despite the chaos happening around her
  • she hasn’t smiled yet but when she does I am sure it will be for one of her siblings
  • the past two nights she has only woke up once to nurse. i am nursing her before I go to bed around 9:30 and then she wakes around 3-4am and then again when her big brother or sister come into our room
  • she has the biggest eyes and she’s so alert when she’s awake
  • she takes a pacifier like a champ!
  • she’s about outgrown all her newborn stuff
  • she’s a noisy little girl, lots of grunts and a loud nurser
  • she is loved by her brother and sister very much
  • she goes with the flow of the family

we are so in love with olive. i want this time to go slowly but i know it won’t so i need to cherish every moment. remind me of this when she starts sleeping like crap 🤗

olive’s birth story

monday, march 19th 2018 at 3:01pm we welcomed our sweet baby GIRL olive marie. let me tell you, she is absolutely perfect and we couldn’t love her any more. ahhh, i just want to kiss and snuggle her all-day-long! here is olive’s birth story.

the night of the 18th, i went to bed super anxious. i had a hard time going to bed, just thinking that labor might come in the middle of the night and wondering if i was mentally and physically ready for it. i was going to be 40 weeks on monday and it all felt like a big ticking clock in my mind. i woke up around 2:30am to brian heading to the bathroom because he unfortunately he fell ill with a stomach bug. it had made it’s way through our house over the week and ended with brian. i remember thinking, well at least i am not in labor, it’s probably my body waiting until everyone is healthy. well haha, i was wrong. as i tried to go back to bed, i felt the contractions coming on. i decided to start timing them and they were consistently about 10 min apart. around 6 am i decided to get up and start packing my toiletries and call the hospital to let them know i was in labor. the nurse on call told me to wait until the contractions were 5 min apart and then come. after poppy’s birth, it was so fast and furious that i was told by my doc to just get to the hospital and don’t dilly-dally around.

i decided to lay back down and just wait for the kids to wake up. around 7:30 both kids got up and we headed downstairs for breakfast. once i was walking around the contractions started to pick up and were around 5-6 mins apart. i told brian to call his mom and have her head our way. we got bastian ready for preschool and packed all the kids clothes to stay with grandma. things weren’t very intense but the contractions were consistent. when my mother-in-law got to our house we got our stuff in the car and made our way to the hospital. once i was in the car, contractions completely stopped! i didn’t understand this and i was starting to feel pretty nervous they were going to send me home.

we got to the hospital around 9am. we went to the labor and delivery floor and actually checked-in. this was all new to me… the the other kids, i was really deep into labor that i was just ushered into a room. i felt embarrassed for some reason. haha the lady at the front desk asked if i was in labor… maybe that’s why haha. anyways, they didn’t even send me to a l&d room, they put me in what they call a “day-room” basically to monitor me and see if they really did need to send me home. i was soooo mad that labor had stopped. they hooked me up to the monitor and checked me. i was at 3cm and really wasn’t having any contractions. my doctor came in and told me to walk around for about an hour to see if things started to pick up. they assured me they wouldn’t send me home 🙂 and that they would get a room ready for me. she said that she could always break my water to get things moving quicker.

i walked and walked and lunged and high-kneed and squatted up and down those damn halls. i was so mad and i knew that i needed to just calm myself down. i read that sometimes labor can stall or stop if the mom doesn’t feel ready or feels uncomfortable (mentally), which is what i believe happened. i think i jumped the gun on getting to the hospital. (side note: i wasn’t using my doula this time around. she retired as a doula, so i thought with number three i would be able to handle it myself. i believe if she was there, she would have advised to stay home a bit longer.) anyways, after an hour of trying to calm down and walk this baby out, i got checked into a labor and delivery room.

i laid down and turned the lights off and just tried to calm down and let the contractions come back. they did come back but they were mild and maybe 8 min apart. around 1pm my doctor came back in the room to check me and let me know some options i had. i was at 4cm and she suggested we break my water. i knew that once that water broke, things would get really intense really fast, but i was so egger to get this show on the road that i said yes. she broke my water around 1:15pm and things got real, real quick. i told brian to start filling up the tub. i knew things were going to be intense. i had to be hooked up to the monitor for 30mins after they broke my water before getting into the tub. once that 30min was up i was so ready for some relief.

i was in the tub for maybe 30-45 mins and the nurse said once i started to feel pushy to get out of the tub. i really didn’t want to jump the gun AGAIN but i did start to feel pushy. i kept saying, well maybe not… and they were like, well let’s just get out of the tub and check. i hate moving positions when in labor. every move brings on a contraction and you can’t really brace yourself for them. i got into the bed around 2:30 and my doctor checked me and i was 7cm. they asked if i wanted to get back into the tub and i knew, oh hell no! there was no way i was moving again OR that i would have any time to get back in that tub. i started to feel really really pushy. the nurses and my doctor told me to try to breathe through those pushes… always waaay easier said than actually done. at 3pm my doctor checked me again and i was at 10cm. i pushed like a mad woman and one minute later little olive marie was born at 3:01pm.

having a baby is literally the hardest thing i have ever done (3 times now!), but there is nothing more satisfying than that final push and holding that baby in your arms for the first time. i got to hold olive for over an hour before the nurses took her to get weighed and measured. i could have stayed there for days staring at her. she is so perfect and the sweetest baby. olive weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 20ins long. she is a total mix of bastian and poppy. olive’s birth was so different than my other two kiddos and i wouldn’t change it for the world. everyone is soo in love with her and she is fitting into our family so well.