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family photos



once again, my sister of taura horn photography NAILED IT! although it was freezing outside we managed to tough through it and get some great photos! i just love having a photographer in the family 🙂 lucky lucky me! i kind of want to eat basitan up too. he is finally big enough for this little blazer… and it has me thinking, ‘can he wear this everyday?’ when did boys clothes get so adorable? and why does bastian continue to be called a girl when he wears studly outfits like this? i will never know.

i hope everyone is getting those last minute shopping trips out of the way and all your presents wrapped under the tree. i am nearly done! i also had grand plans to wrap my presents all pinterest-y and what not, but yeah then i realized no one really cares… so i just went with cute wrapping paper.


bastian visits santa


bastian went to visit santa this past weekend at lauritzen gardens. there was toy trains, poinsettias, nature walks and of course the sweet old man santa. bastian wasn’t too sure about him, but he did sit on his lap long enough to snap a few photos. santa gave him a candy cane, which he chewed through the plastic wrapper because he couldn’t wait to eat it, and said he would grant all his christmas wishes! we spent the majority of the time pointing out the trains that kept going around and around and around.

this kid loves trains. we have a thomas the train toy catalog (why?) and he reads like it’s a book. he loves to shout “all aboard!” which sounds like “ahhhbooorrr”. it’s pretty adorable. trains, trucks, planes and blocks is all that little kid needs to keep happy.

guest post: DIY holiday garland



i have a guest post over on today! you can make this adorable diy holiday garland. check it out here.

bastian’s first haircut





bastian got his first haircut, and what can i say, it was adorable. he was soooo good, which totally surprised me! i can’t even clip this kid’s toenails (like seriously, how the hell do parents cut their kids toenails?) but he sat so still and really made his mama proud. we didn’t cut off much… i couldn’t bare to lose the length. he seemed to really fancy the mirror too, maybe because he knew he looked so handsome. i can’t get enough of him lately.

thanksgiving photo dump

thanksgiving-1 thanksgiving-2 thanksgiving-3 thanksgiving-4 thanksgiving-5 thanksgiving-6 thanksgiving-7 thanksgiving-8 thanksgiving-9


this thanksgiving we went to denver to visit brian’s sister, her husband and their new baby. we had a ton of fun and i sure loved snuggling on a newborn. bastian really loved his cousin emmett. he wanted to hold the baby hug and kiss the baby all day. first thing he would say when he woke up in the morning was “bebe”.

we got to go to the nature and science museum and walk around their beautiful neighborhood and parks. the weather was in the 60’s the whole time we were there… can’t complain about that! one night we walked the 16th street mall and found a little beer garden with carolers. bastian was mesmerized by them. it was so adorable, he sat down on the dance floor all by himself to watch them.

bastian did great on the plane too! overall the trip was great and we were so glad we got to meet baby emmett. he was such a good sweet little baby. we are thankful that they put up with us for the weekend too 🙂