olive 12 months

oh little olive, you are now 1 year old and sweeter than ever. you had a strawberry themed birthday party and you had such a great time! you didn’t smash into your cake but you politely licked the frosting. here are some adorable things that you have been doing the last month:

  • you started to walk! you aren’t 100% sure of it yet, but you get really excited and give it a try.
  • your brother and sister fight over who you get to walk to next, you love every moment of it
  • you got two new teeth! the top two little chompers
  • you are sleeping through the night (well the last 3 nights…)
  • you really loving the outdoor time with the nice weather
  • you love pushing chairs and your push rider toy all over the house
  • you are a climber, climbing chairs, ladders and whatever you can get your knee up on
  • you love to rock in your mini rocking chair, sometimes stand up and rock too
  • you have started to become more of a picky eater, you love cheese, bread and refuse to eat anything off my spoon or that i try to stick in your mouth
  • at your one year check up, we confirmed you are a little peanut and are the smallest of the van bloom kids
  • you smile and make everyone so happy when they are around you
  • you love to laugh and make fake coughing noises
  • when we hold you, you like to pat our backs with your sweet little hand

we love you so much olive! you are such a happy baby and so incredibly sweet. our lives are better with you in it and although i am sad a year has gone so quickly, i am excited for another year of your wonderful personality to bloom even more. we love you so much!!

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