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life lately



1-4. a fun day at the park. he really insisted on “climbing” that tree. so with a little help from mama he got to feel like a big kid.
5. bastian loves to help with yard work. well i guess he doesn’t really help… but he sure wants to! it’s pretty sweet to see him mimic everything we do.
6. he loves to put on these clogs that i have. i think he likes it that they make him taller… but he will break a tooth if he’s not careful.
7. i kind of think he’s perfect.
8. we got to go down the big slides at the park because brian came with to catch him at the bottom. (side note: on the walk to the park there was an estate sale that i couldn’t help but browse, and they had a hudson bay blanket for $135. i looked and touched and then the second i took my hands off it, some gal swooped in and bought it. the lady running the estate sale said they have another one they would sell to me… but of course i didn’t have my damn checkbook AND it ended in 5 minutes. she said they would be having another one the following weekend with more vintage clothing and i could snag it then. so needless to say i have been dreaming of having that blanket… and i might get the chance if i can talk brian into it. fingers crossed :))
9. my new amazing boots i got from the mix and i am a little obsessed.
10. bastian playing the drums at my sister’s house. he was pretty sad when i had to rip him away from the cymbal.
11. a little grammie-bastian love fest.
12-13. fuzzy, bad selfies… because sometimes you just have to give and take a damn selfie.

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little dragon

halloween-2014-1 halloween-2014-2 halloween-2014-3


i hope everyone had a great halloween! we had a blast. bastian looked adorable in his dragon costume and the weather wasn’t too cold. he really loved being in his costume, but we couldn’t get him to sit still for a second to take a descent photo. his little dragon hood wouldn’t stay up either. we made it to about 5 neighbors houses and finally by the last house he got it – take the candy and put it in MY candy basket! he loved his first bite of snickers… and wouldn’t put his candy basket down once we got home. while we were handing candy out to the neighbor kids we would catch bastian sneaking candy from the bowl and trying to eat it, wrapper and all. we had pizza and cocktails and just hung out at home. it was a great night and i can’t wait for next year already! we will be able to make it down one more block!