olive 11 months

our sweet littlest girl is 11 months! well it was like two weeks ago but my excuse is that my computer crashed on me. anyways here are all her wonderful accomplishments the last month:

  • she is cruising along the furniture but not walking yet
  • she loves to push herself on carts, wheels things and push chairs all over the house
  • she says dada, maybe mama in a blue moon, and I swear I heard her say wawa
  • she loves to discreetly drop her food down into her high chair and loudly drop her water bottle on the floor during meals
  • she isn’t sleeping through the night these days… she got sick and it’s set us back a bit. who am I kidding, my five year old still wakes me up :/
  • she still only has two teeth. two… teeth…
  • her hair is sloooowly growing
  • do you think she is trying to stay my baby forever?
  • she can go down the stairs like a champ and does it all herself!
  • is deciding that not all food is equal. mac n’cheese >green beans
  • her personality is really starting to come out and she’s a funny one. i joke that she will be silent but deadly, basically get away with a lot because she’s sneaking around in the background
  • she loves to play with Tupperware and basically anything she can make a huge mess with!
  • olive you bring so much joy to our family. every single one of us can’t get enough of you. i can’t believe my little baby is going to be one in a few short weeks!!
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