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freebie {birthday card}

for your birthday pleasure, here is a cute printable birthday card!

1. click the link below and print on your home computer
2. the card is double sided, start by printing page 1
3. then flip paper over and print page 2
4. fold on the fold marks
5. trim on the trim marks
6. write a sweet little message and BAM you have a custom card!

freebie {birthday card}

it’s friday…hey!

hope you all have a great weekend. my weekend is going to consist of:
1. girl night with some fun little ladies and two mini little ladies
2. oktoberfest…yippie!
3. creighton soccer game
4. yummy food
5. catch-up cleaning
6. oh yes…and relaxation!


my fall essentials

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

fall is here and i am rather excited. usually i am so sad for summer to end (don’t get me wrong i am still sad) but i am so pumped for fall fashion. above are some of my essential fall picks that every girl should have. now winter is another story…snow! ahh!


we were in chicago this past weekend for brian’s cousin’s wedding. the weather was beautiful, and everything about that city made me just fall in love with it. i have been to chicago before, but never like this. we stayed downtown which allowed for a lot of walking and pier strolling. all the little outside cafes and fancy shops, along with the pretty landscaping all throughout down town made the city just seem so “with-it”. we took a trolley ride in between the ceremony and reception which took us all through downtown and stopped at the planetarium and millennium park.

i had to take a snap shot of brian sneaking the score of the husker game during the ceremony…goof…well i wanted to know too. it was just fun to be around all our family and friends for such a happy occasion. the bride and groom were gorgeous and i can’t wait to see their photos…lucky ducks got to take pictures in an amazing city.


amalia + brian

designing your own wedding invites can be hard…and when i say hard i mean really darn frustrating. i went back and forth soo many times on the design. i absolutely LOVE the way they turned out. they really reflect the feel of the wedding. i created all the illustrations by hand and had a great time doing it. overall i love them and have them hanging in my house…don’t think i will take them down for a while.

featured and feelin’ cool

looky here people! our wedding was featured on a local wedding blog here in omaha! take a look at this awesomeness:

REAL WEDDING: amalia + brian

cat bite

this little naughty cat bit me the other night! i always snuggle with him at night with my arms wrapped around him but this hold must have been a doozy…because I woke up to a sharp pain of cat scratches and a bite right on my arm. i must have been crushing him or he could get out from my arms because he just but me! little devil! well I was going to brush it off but my mother in law told me cats bites are nasty and full of infectious yucky stuff…so I waited in at an urgent care for an hour and a half until I saw the doc and he gave me antibiotics. It looks a lot better today…but I am still mad at that little brat. he’s usually so sweet too…(you non cat lovers are shaking your heads right now) well I still love him 🙂


way out west

20120904-205528.jpg20120904-205536.jpg20120904-204406.jpg20120904-204427.jpg20120904-204440.jpg20120904-204447.jpg20120904-204453.jpg20120904-205600.jpg20120904-205547.jpg20120904-204547.jpg20120904-205512.jpg20120904-204524.jpg20120904-204530.jpg20120904-204537.jpg20120904-205519.jpgwe went way out west last weekend. it was a sad trip, but to have all our family there made it a joyous occasion. my grandmother died, after being sick for a few weeks. she lived a long and happy life. she had two daughters, my mom and aunt karen, and six grandkids, my two sisters and i and my three cousins. the funeral was really beautiful and sentimental. one very special part of the trip was being able to spread my grandma’s ashes. we threw some off the scottsbluff monument, in her garden that she loved so dearly, and at redington cemetery where her whole family is buried. we had a nice little family ceremony at the cemetery where we each got to scoop some of her ashes by her grave. we said some words, cried and reflected all while trying to take in the beautiful surroundings.

the land out in western nebraska is gorgeous. brian had never been to scottsbluff, so it was fun to share some family history and tradition with him. it makes me realize how important it is to share your family history and roots with your children. this was something that my mother always did when my sisters and i were young, and it is something i want to continue with my children someday.

although it was a sad occasion that brought our family together, it ended up being almost like a family reunion.