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week by week: 18


week 18 has been a good one! we have a ton of family in town for thanksgiving, which has be a fun! i feel great and really enjoyed eating a delicious thanksgiving meal yesterday. bastian got triple the attention with all of our family there and he is pretty tuckered out today.

the weather has been really cold and nasty since yesterday, which makes me want to just curl up on the couch with a blanket, but i have been motivated enough to still get my workouts in. i am still taking the same classes and feel like i can keep up pretty well. though, as my stomach muscles start to separate more from my growing belly, i am noticing certain things becoming more difficult. but back to the cold weather, brian and i are kicking ourselves for not putting up christmas lights last week when it was warmer and just wait to turn them on. oh well… he said he would tough through it. i on the other hand will be setting up all the indoor decorations which is fun!

well i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and stays warm this weekend! i am going to lay down for a snooze while bastian naps upstairs… oh man, i know my days are numbered for day naps… so i am going to take advantage of it now!


basement reno – the bathroom

basement-reno-bathroom-1 basement-reno-bathroom-2 basement-reno-bathroom-3 basement-reno-bathroom-4

we recently underwent a renovation in our basement. we added a bathroom, a non-conventional bedroom, office and a family room. before, our basement was a cold, semi-finished spaced that we never used as a family. brian works from home and the poor thing had his office down there. during the winter he had 3 space heaters pointed at him all day. i will share with you all the new spaces we created down there over the weeks. first space is the bathroom.

the bathroom used to be our storage closet. it had a window and pipes from the bathroom above so we thought it would be a perfect spot for a bathroom. i chose to do black slate floors and a white subway tiles with a high contract grout color for the shower. we chose a cool light grey for the wall color throughout the basement and just love the color. i knew i wanted to keep the bathroom simple and clean. i mixed black and chrome metals to give a variety and chose a warm wood vanity for a little character. i couldn’t find any vanity that i liked enough that was in our budget. so i found this vintage dresser on craigslist for $100. i bought the sink for $60 and had my contractor cut down the drawers for plumbing and then the hole for the sink. i bought the knobs for the drawers at tj maxx for $8. all in all the vanity cost less than $300… i love it way more than a pre-fab vanity and it add just enough character to make it feel like my own. the mirror was from overstock and the sconces from home depot. the accessories (baskets, towel rack and hanging bags, and vanity magnify mirror) i bought from ikea. the bath mats i purchased from h&m home. i seriously designed this bathroom on a cheapskate budget. but in my opinion it feels classic, timeless and maybe not expensive… but quality.

i love the way it turned out and can’t wait to share more of the basement.

week by week: 17


whoops… i missed week 16. i guess it didn’t take long for me to fall behind. anyways, i am now 17 weeks pregnant. i feel really good. no nausea! i do feel really really big for only being 17 weeks. i am really hoping that the belly growing slows down a bit. i mean, i am so thankful and happy to have a belly and i promised myself i wouldn’t complain. and now here i am complaining… but really i am not complaining because i love it, just curious if it will slow down.

anyways… in other news, bastian is fully moved into his big boy room. it’s seriously adorable and i can’t wait to share pictures. he has done so well in his big boy bed and i am one proud mama. he told me the second night we were putting him to bed in his new room that he didn’t want to sleep in the big boy bed and he wanted to go back in his crib. i told him, that’s not your room anymore or your bed. he said “ok” and left it at that. well alright! don’t get me wrong, i have been a bit more sensitive to the fact that he has a new room, new bed and somewhat new routine, so i have been reading more books and singing him like 5 more songs before i leave his room… but he is doing great!


i am so excited to find out what we are having in less than 3 weeks! and this is bad to admit, but mainly so i can start decorating the nursery. ok, now that i re-read that i sound like an awful human, but seriously i don’t have a preference on boy vs. girl because we are just so thankful for a baby.

week by week: 15


well another week down. there were times this week where i would forget i was pregnant. i almost forgot i had a belly! so needless to say i feel pretty good! my belly is growing by the day and literally looks close to the same size as my 23 week belly with bastian than my 15 week belly… wha wha. i am guessing this slows down, or i am hoping it slows down a bit. my ob said that my body “knows what to do” so my uterus just ‘BLOOP’ pops out, just like a little pop up camper ready to bake a baby.

i went to prenatal yoga for the first time last weekend and it was nice. the teacher read this poem at the end of class that made me cry. i felt like a dork until one of the other mamas said it made her cry… hormones or just pure love for that baby? i am guessing a lot of both 🙂 anyways, it was a good hour to myself to focus on the baby and be around other pregnant women who are just as scared and excited.


with the new baby coming, we are in the process of moving bastian’s room to the guest bedroom which will be his “big boy room”. i am excited to get it all set up and decorated for him. he’s pretty excited too. he will soon be in a full sized bed, which hopefully won’t be too much of a pain considering he can climb out of his crib anyways. so bastian’s existing room will become the nursery for the new baby. depending on the sex of the baby, it may get a bigger face lift or it may stay pretty similar. i am excited to share some pictures of basitan’s new room once we get it done!

anyways, on wednesday we have our 16 week appointment and i am excited to hear the baby’s heartbeat again and be one appointment closer to knowing whether baby is a boy or a girl!

week by week: 14


well i am a little late posting this… i will be 15 weeks in one day but oh well! i took this picture on halloween so i had to include my mini costume. bastian was mickey mouse and he was the cutest mickey ever. i will show pictures soon. so back to this pregnancy, it’s been pretty good this week. i am still working out, but taking it a little easier on myself. with bastian i was always fearful of being a “weeny” pregnant lady… but this time i am over that haha. don’t get me wrong, i still work hard and go to the the gym, i just have changed the classes i go to and don’t kick myself if i can’t do something like i used to.


i am definitely in maternity wear now, actually that happened a few weeks ago 🙂 i will get more use out of all those clothes i guess! i pulled my maternity clothes out of storage, and i was shocked how little i have. i must have put a lot of my non maternity tops to good use during that pregnancy. that being said, i think i need to go shopping to get some new stuff to last me through winter.

i hopefully will stay on top of these posts like i said a week ago… but with a toddler, i find it very necessary for me to nap during their nap time too 🙂 i hope my energy level starts to pick up so i can actually try to get something accomplished!