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guest post: introducing solid foods


i wrote a guest post over at on introducing solid food to your baby. check it out here!

best buds


this is bastian’s cousin wesley. let me tell you, these two are best buds. brian’s family was in town over mother’s day weekend, which was a big treat for all of us. bastian has met his cousins before, but this time, now that he is a big boy, they got to have a little more fun together. it was so cute and endearing seeing these two play together. basitan is just in love with his cousins. the older kids would be playing ball or catch outside and bastian wanted to play with them so badly. he would walk with his hands in the air making loud noises trying to get their attention. sometimes he would show off by doing something and then bonk his head. he would watch them in amazement. he knew these were kids – his kin. wesley was such a good big cousin to bastian all weekend. showing him things and talking to him. it melted my heart.

i love seeing bastian turn into a little boy. every time i look at him, i am surprised by how old he is looking. i am so impressed with his comprehension of the world around him. sometimes i think he is a 15 year old trapped in a small little package.

a hard days work

photo 2 (2)photo 1 (2)


someone is really into helping with chores these days. yard work is the bees-knees! this past weekend bastian helped dad mow and edge (or eat) the yard. it’s pretty adorable to see him want to help so badly. we let him put his hands on the outdoor broom to pretend like he is sweeping. his face lights up thinking he is really doing work like mom and dad. when i vacuum he insists on helping too. i have to tell him i need help and to go get his pop-pop. he pushes that thing all around the house with such self satisfaction. he is discovering things every day and i just love to see what the next big thing will be. i can’t get enough of this phase he is in – so big, so sweet.


summer sandals under $40


one. two. three. four. five. six. seven.

i am in need of some new summer sandals. most of the sandals i have are totally crapped out, but i just can’t bring myself to throw them away. this summer i am really into the simple euro looking sandals and you can’t go wrong with a gladiator sandal. i found a collection of sandals all for under $40! at these prices, you can afford to buy a few! i have actually already purchased the first pair. although i am anxious for the weather to get warmer, i do love to pair sandals with a cute pair of skinny jeans and jacket. so i’ll let you slide this time weather…but you better reach the 80’s for memorial day weekend or else!

happy mother’s day


i hope everyone had a great mother’s day! we had a fun and busy weekend full of family and celebration. i feel so lucky to have this little guy call me mama. thanks to all the moms out there that makes this world a better place. my sister took these adorable one year photos of bastian. check the rest out here!

a bee-day party

bee-day1 bee-day2 bee-day3 bee-day4 bee-day5
bee-daybee-day6 bee-day7
this past weekend we had bastian’s bee-day party. it was so much fun to celebrate with our close family. we kept it small and it was perfect. i decided to have a bee theme party because, well, it’s cute, i already have tons of black and yellow things in my house and his name starts with a “b”…so it worked. my grandma made his little cake and my mom helped decorate it. my mother-in-law made the cupcakes and we had a ton of help with the rest of the food. i made little crowns for all the guests to wear, but of course i forgot about them until half way through the party. i made a hanging collage of all his monthly photos and hung them over the fireplace. i also had a slideshow playing while we opened gifts. he sure got some good stuff! my sister and brother-in-law got him a cherry tree to grow with him. we planted it in our yard and we are anxious for it to bloom next spring! bastian did so well, and although he didn’t destroy his cake, he managed to entertain all of his guests.

after everyone left, i realized i forgot to give him his big gift from mom and dad! i couldn’t believe i spaced it. we got him a radio flyer trike that grows with him. well needless to say, he loved it. that night we took the trike for a test drive to the park. he thought he was a pretty big deal, and now he’s the talk of the neighborhood. i swear he has grown up so much in the past week. he is no longer a baby. he’s walking – walking everywhere and all the time. here’s to having a toddler!