DIY: holiday wreath



i found a plain wreath at the goodwill awhile back for $4 and i knew i could “christmas” it up. i love making fun wreaths! my family christmas presents last year were wreaths that i made. they are super easy and there are one million and one ways to decorate them. here is what i did this year:

1. i took some wired string with little puff balls and weaved it in and out of the wreaths leaves. i tried to make sure to get the wire evenly spread throughout the green.

2. i took styrofoam  ball that i got from the craft store in all different sizes and started wrapping yarn around it. i hot glued the end to the ball and then just wrapped away.

3. the more you wrap the more you will start developing a system to get the best coverage over the styrofoam. once you get all the styrofoam covered i hot glued the other end to the ball.

4. i took all the yarn balls and placed them where i thought they looked good on the wreath. i made sure to get the bigger ones pushed down in the wreath, while the smaller ones could sit more on top. once i found the placement i liked i just took them and glued them to the wreath one by one. there isn’t really a method to the hot gluing, just make sure it’s secure enough.

5. then it’s time to hang it on your door and make the neighbors jealous!


2 thoughts on “DIY: holiday wreath

  1. Taura Horn says:

    Need to do this for our house!!! We have a wreath that lights up, should put some pink balls in there to match our pink tree. Photo #5 on the right just needs a wee one looking out at us:) Soon!

    • amaliamisc says:

      haha yes! i did have a little wee one looking out at me but he was furry and bratty…haha. soon we will be filling our tree and decor with handmade ornaments that look like a little blob of clay with holes poked in it 🙂 you know what i am talking about!

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