week by week: 19 weeks


so this week has been really really easy; no pains, no sickness, no tiredness. everyone thinks that this must have to do with whether i am having a boy or girl…but i don’t really believe in any of that stuff. i mean, people have a 50/50 chance of their theory being right. from what i am told, your mother is probably the most influential part of your pregnancy. the way your mom was during her pregnancy is generally what you will be like. my mom, well she had an easy time too (that’s what she tells me:)) i also hear that if your mom went into labor early, then you also have a higher chance of going early. well my mom went two weeks early with my oldest sister, one week early with my other older sister, and then i was born on my due date. i want my baby to cook good n’ long, but i bet by 38 weeks i wouldn’t be disappointed to see the baby 🙂

other crazy news, on saturday, during the awful big ten championship (we aren’t going to talk about that…) i think i felt the baby! it was a strange feeling, like tons of little bubbles going across the inside of my belly. it was strange enough for me to be like “wow, what was that! i think that was the baby!” i haven’t felt a big one like that since though, so it could have just been gas.



other fun news, we bought a crib! it is a babyletto crib that transforms into a toddler bed. i will share what it looks like soon. this thursday when brian and i find out the sex of the baby we will probably start getting more into the nursery, but until then i am satisfied with a crib. i read once you find out the sex of the baby it becomes that much more real. you kind of have a name picked out for baby, you can put a personality to baby and really start to imagine what baby will look like. we are sooo excited (i don’t know how many times i can tell you all that…but most likely you will hear it three more times). we are having our family over on saturday to share the news. i was too nervous to find out with all eyes on me. so we decided we would know before hand and then make it a fun surprise for our families.



i think that it’s fairly obvious now that i look pregnant…well i would like to think so. i mean if my stomach like that and wasn’t pregnant…i hope someone would tell me that tight shirts just aren’t the right thing for me 😉 can’t wait to share big news with you all in my post next monday!


2 thoughts on “week by week: 19 weeks

  1. kate hewitt says:

    I say this every week, but could you be any cuter!!!! Love your adorable baby bump, can’t wait to see it in person and maybe feel baby kick around a little!! So excited for your news this week too!!!!!

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