DIY geometric lamp






after a little catastrophe with the cat and a paper lantern, i had to find a replacement lamp for this corner in our living room. i knew exactly what i wanted but didn’t want to pay that much money for it. i had seen tutorials on how to make geo-inspired wreaths and i knew it was something could replicate but in a pendant light form. in the tutorial, she uses cocktail straws, but i wanted the lamp to be thicker so i used normal drinking straws. i used floral wire to tie all the straws together (watch her tutorial) and then spray painted it copper with paint i already had. i decided the cord needed some va-va-voom so i wrapped it with neon yellow yarn that i had. i also spray painted the base of light cord copper so it didn’t stick out. i bought the round bulb at home depot. all in all, i spent about $9 total, $7 on the light bulb and $2 on the straws. not bad huh?! it’s definitely not perfect, but no DIY project usually is. i really love the way it turned out, so thank you ramsay for destroying my paper lantern and forcing me to make something really cool!


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