happy weekend!


now that’s a belly right? baby still hasn’t dropped, but from what i have read, you can go into labor before baby drops…

well if he decides to make an arrival this weekend we would be so pleased! i am going to yoga tomorrow and then straight to a massage with my doula, so maybe that will be just what we need to get things moving! patience, patience, patience i keep telling myself. i think he really likes this little home i have made for him but i just know he will love his new home too! well here’s to waiting and being patient, and soaking up all the moments of it being just brian and i. hope everyone has a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “happy weekend!

  1. kathy bingham says:

    that’s right!!!! Enjoy your last peaceful moment of it just being Brian and You. Parenthood is the best but it certainly does change things!!! for the better.!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see this precious face. Love, Kathy

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